Do you save new things?

I went to grab a return address label. Organizations send them regularly, so I haven’t ever purchased customized ones. I have different flowers and animals and Christmas scenes. I like some better than others, but I always go for the sheet that is emptiest because I want to use up the oldest ones before moving on.

It occurred to me that I get them faster than I use them. Why save my favorite ones? Why not start using them right away?

It’s a silly example, but it’s indicative of an overall use pattern that’s worth examining. I am glad that I try not to be wasteful, but do my habits always serve me?

Do you ever buy things and then save the new items? Do you end up growing out of things because you saved them too long? What would happen if you started using them right away?

And what would happen if you didn’t buy it in the first place? If you had to begin using new things right away, would it change your purchasing habits?

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