Pain does not equal damage.

I heard this recently from an instructor at Gymnastic Bodies. I am just starting on a program that focuses on mobility and restoration before building in strength. The instructor acknowledged that the new positions he wanted us in may be uncomfortable, but

pain does not equal damage.

Sharp pain he warned is something to back away from. Discomfort was not.

How often do we run away from discomfort because we fear damage?

Are we telling ourselves this story to justify avoiding discomfort?

Maybe. I think we often really do worry about damage as well. I’m constantly trying to figure out what pain is good pain and what pain means I should step back a bit, to stop an activity or to take it easy for a few days.

I appreciate hearing “pain does not equal damage” and will keep it in mind.

(If you are curious, I just started this program with Gymnastic Bodies so I cannot comment on it yet).

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