Gathering data for this experiment that is life.

The process of making big life decisions is an issue that fascinates me. It can be easier to stay with what you know, but how do you decide when it’s the right time for a career shift? Or to take on a volunteer role? Or to sign up for a longer race? Or to take time off and exercise in a different way, or train for a shorter race?

This article is an interesting take on Steph Smith’s decision to make a career switch. She speaks eloquently about deciding to switch jobs and some of her guiding principles to do so; one main one being to minimize regret:

By designing around regret minimization, I’ve tried to take a more broad view of risk. Is it risky to leave this job? Sure, but it’s also risky to not explore other opportunities out there. If I never try, I’ll never know, and therefore I’ll lose out on the opportunity to gather more data for the experiment that is my life.

~ Steph Smith

Whether in career, family, triathlon, or other activities, what are you doing because the status quo feels the safer bet? What risks do you fear taking? What if you flipped it on your head and asked what you might regret more later? For many, that could mean spending more time with your kids and less time at work. Training harder for a race; or actually training less hard – or at least spending less time training so you have more time for other aspects of life. Or, it could mean taking a career leap, however big or small.

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