I hope I don’t run into anyone I know here.

Do you ever go somewhere and think to yourself that you hope you don’t see anybody you know?

When this happens to me, I always think about something I saw when I was a young child. It was probably Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street or something similar, and a child was worried about being seen at the library. It was pointed out that if they run into someone, it means those people are doing the same thing. In other words, why would you be embarrassed to be seen at the library by someone who happens to be there at the exact same time as you and is therefore in the same situation? It seems obvious, but I find it hilarious that I always think back to when I initially learned the lesson at times when I need to remember it.

Of course, it’s also true people don’t care about us as much as we think they do!

My most recent ‘I hope I’m not seen’ moment? Getting my hair and nails done in the middle of the day on a Wednesday for no good reason other than wanting the break. Just a unique quirck that I have (and probably some other issues around when I should be working and what is a good use of time and money).