Following through on your goal

I was recently explaining to someone that I have trouble setting concrete goals and following through with them. I think there is some fear of failure tucked behind this. However, I used as an example the fact that I love to do triathlons but I never set specific time goals to live up to (or other goals for that matter, except to finish).

It was pointed out to me that I may just have a different way I’m doing what I want to do in life. I still manage to get things done, and with the example of triathlon my goal isn’t speed so it would be silly to set time goals. I do triathlons because I love the training, but I need a race to motivate me to do the training. I love the lifestyle. I love the feeling a finishing and feeling like I couldn’t push my body any further. But I think I get the same satisfaction weather I’m crossing the finish line at 14 hours or 16 hours and 59 minutes.

I think I still need to explore my own insecurities around setting goals. It is possible that it’s out of fear that I am not setting time goals, though that doesn’t really sound true for me.

Perhaps it’s good for all of us to step back and look at the big picture. If we are happy and ultimately moving forward in the direction we want to and going at a speed that we’re comfortable with, then maybe we’re doing all right and just doing things our own way that works.

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