Thankful when companies provide a nice user experience.

I am a late adopter when it comes to tech, and I’m not at all tech savvy compared to most of my generation.

Nonetheless, I appreciate good experiences as a user, and I know enough to know when software is clunkier than it should be, or could be, with today’s technology. It’s pretty clear when companies are not keeping up, or not innovating in ways that would be relatively easy. I appreciate being surprised when I encounter a new user experience that offers pleasant surprises.

In 15 years flying mostly with Alaska Airlines, I have been pleased with the company much of the time.

Recently, they lost our luggage during travel. Once found, and once connected with a driver for delivery (which was in the middle of the night after a 3pm arrival), I received an email and a text letting me know approximately when our luggage would be delivered and who the driver would be. It provided a link to a site with this information and an option to waive signature upon delivery.

I have lost many a bag traveling, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that the airline had innovated in such a way. This should be easy given tech capabilities these days, but not all companies are keeping up. Thanks to Alaska Airlines to making what was somewhat stressful (not knowing if or when they would arrive) a more pleasurable experience.

Plus…they also footed the bill for some shopping the night before. Or at least I anticipate they will. Their policy is to reimburse for items we need to buy given the lost luggage. For me, it was necessary to buy a full running outfit. I had shoes and socks – but otherwise decked myself out head to toe to ensure that I could get a much needed run in.

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