A visit to Curacao.

I have written a number of posts recently about our visit to Bonaire. We spent the last few days of our trip visiting the neighboring island of Curacao, so I thought it fair to give a very brief synopsis here. It was only a few days and I wasn’t in love with it, so I’m resorting to bullet points. This will make most sense if you read my Bonaire posts, particularly this one and this one that talk more about the island generally (as opposed to my two diving posts).

  • Curacao has a much larger population than Bonaire. It felt like a real city, and there were many more large shopping options.
  • We went to one large grocery store. It also had many items in Dutch, but more items in English than the store we went to most often in Bonaire. I should mention there were about a dozen grocery stores in Bonaire that we didn’t go to, and also that the one in Curacao generally had a much, much larger selection overall.
  • We did two boat dives at the northern tip of the island. They were pretty excellent.
  • We swam at a couple beaches and they were lovely. There is more sand in Curacao than Bonaire.
  • I took my first windsurfing lesson. It was freaking awesome. Windsurfing is offered at a couple places on the island.
  • We almost died when following Google maps trying to get to a place that we didn’t know was actually accessible or not. We followed a road that had a no trespassing sign. We figured that referred to the side of the road rather than the actual road. Before long we were face to face with a large fence, the road did not continue, there was also a house nearby and dogs barking, and signs that said trespassers would be shot. Oh shit. I did not cope well with the situation. But who would?
  • There is a floating walking bridge that moves when a large boat has to pass. It moves while people are still walking on it, which is surely quite fun.
  • We had goat burgers in Williwood. They were excellent.
  • Other than goat burgers, and pretty good diving, we didn’t find anything crazy amazing on Curacao. Our quick view of town wasn’t very exciting. Driving wasn’t real fun. This could just be our own experience – we were only there a short while and would have had an entirely different experience had we stayed in a different part of the island, but with that said, I wouldn’t go out of my way to return.

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