You were built to do hard things.

I recently had the great fortune of spending the better part of 24 hours with someone who was dying. He was 100 and had a wonderful life, being with him in the end was an honor.

While the very end was very peaceful and he did not appear distressed at all, there were times in the moments I observed that appeared difficult to my eyes.

I have heard many times sayings along the lines of ‘dying isn’t for the weak’. I thought the same thing as I sat with him. I was struck by just how hard dying appeared to be. How would I have the strength to go through it? It even occurred to me that I hoped my end would be quicker.

The thing is, one thing we will ALL experience is death. We all will go through it. We all can do it. We all have it within us to get through to the end.

We are stronger and more capable when we think. We doubt our ability to do hard things, things that appear uncomfortable, but we are designed to do hard things. The next time you think to yourself that you don’t have it in you to get through, consider those times you have gotten through adversity, or been with someone else going through adversity, whether that be death or another challenge. You have greater capacity for living (and dying) than you think you do, so get out there and live well.

One thought on “You were built to do hard things.

  1. what a great blog, we have so much strength inside us without knowing but trust me it’s there, just waiting and then you’ll feel a hand on you when you need it, knowing it’s now showing itself to you and that it has your back, a very comforting thought, great blog thanks for sharing 😊👍❤👊


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