What if you no longer had Google in your life?

Are you prepared if there is no more Google? I have heard such sentiments before and I brush it off. How could that ever happen? Google has taken over our lives. Mine anyway, and probably yours.

We welcome it in to so many areas of our lives. I rarely use their search anymore, but I use multiple apps a day, probably every hour. Email. Notes. I have no backup.

I suspect we would all be wise to back up the important things. Relying on a major corporation offering a free service has its pitfalls.

I recently spent hours, frustrated, banging my head against the wall unable to figure out something related to my email account. I kept finding the same help feature and reading the same description over and over again, knowing that it wasn’t working for me.

The problem?

I had too much security. I was doing things right, but Gmail was rejecting it because it thought the ‘app’ I was using was not secure. The ‘app’ was whatever link it sent me to (I was adding an email alias).

If Google isn’t getting it’s own communication right…what else are we missing?

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