How often do you tone down your dreams or even your reality in conversations with others?Conversations with yourself?

I just observed my own mind go through a crazy thought pattern. I was thinking about the fact that I like working really hard when I am home but creating space in my life for lots of travel. I reflected on a conversation I had about wanting to work part-time in the big picture in a different way than we normally think of working part time.

Then somewhere in my mind for an unknown reason I started thinking that I wouldn’t want to tell many people this dream (that I’m turning into reality) because it seems like such a privileged way of thinking.

But why do we tone down our thoughts and comments? Yes it is true I have access and privilege that not everybody does. But if we constantly hide behind a wall and don’t speak our dreams, what does that really get us?

There is a program called Quest Bridge that is founded on the principle that the bigger problem in college admissions is not financial benefits for those who cannot afford it, but rather getting our bright high school students who otherwise wouldn’t to apply to college. Many are surprised to get in with a full financial package. Why aren’t they applying? Either they don’t believe that they are worth it, don’t believe they will get in and that it will be financially doable, or perhaps they just do not get around to applying.

Maybe if they, and maybe if all of us spoke up more and thought more about how we want to design our own lives we could achieve these objectives. We do not have to choose the path of those before us. We do not have to choose the common path.

Dream and share your dreams!

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