Reacting to obstacles.

When facing a problem, we can either find a way to solve it or we can come become paralyzed. The problem can motivate us into action or keep us stuck in inaction.

I once dreamt about buying a bed and breakfast. Then I started pursuing a particular bed and breakfast on the market. I knew that I didn’t have a huge down payment up front, probably not enough. But I didn’t let that stop me. I started exploring financing options. I met with the seller to explore whether she would offer any buyer financing. I started researching other financing options, and I started researching the other requirements to run a bed and breakfast in the area. I continually hit barriers. Not just bumps, sometimes it felt like hitting a wall. For examle, I learned that way I wanted to run it would require installing a sprinkler system. Instead of deciding that was too big of a barrier, I started calling around to find out how much it would cost.

I proceeded like this past one barrier and then another, figuring out what the work-around was to grasp whether it was a small bump or something larger to overcome.

I stayed in this mindset of doing what I could to make it work for quite awhile.

Eventually my mindset shifted and I decided that the accumulation of issues made it such that going forward did not make sense for me.

But, what’s amazing, is that I found a way that I could have made it work if it was worth it to me to do so.

The mindset of problem solving can be exhausting. It may not be worth the energy in many situations. But it might be worth throwing some of that positive energy to a situation in your life right now that feels like a barrier. This might be something that causes stress or fear. It is your choice how you react and you can make a plan.

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