Virtual breakout session.

I was scheduled to be in a training this week in a different state, but it was cancelled to limit our physical contact due to COVID-19.

Or, I should say, the physical portion was cancelled, but we still met for 17 hours over 3 days via Zoom video conference.

It was amazing how much connection we created with eachother given the nature of not actually being able to bond on breaks, etc.

You may have heard of Zoom, and if you haven’t, you may soon as more people start bringing their businesses online. It’s great (and no, I have no connection with them and unfortunately didn’t buy any of their stock either), but I just learned about one feature that I wanted to share.

Within a big group, you can break out into smaller groups by random of whatever size you want. We used this about 6 times, and I was in small groups with different people each time. It was awesome, and perhaps you will have a use for it in the coming months as we look for ways to connect with eachother from our own homes.

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