My trilife.

Brief personal update since this blog was originally about triathlon and I mentioned that I was training for St George (which was scheduled May 2, 2020) but then just yesterday said that I wasn’t doing really long workouts.

As my training was starting to ramp up, I started traveling a lot and was having trouble getting weekend workouts in. One or two weekends over a month or two is fine, but I was facing more than that. I decided it wasn’t going to happen.

As I decided what to do next, I am still unsure. I love how I feel after long workouts and generally like the training. However, when I started getting into long-distance triathlon, it was an escape from a job that I didn’t like. And that job was about 40 hours a week.

Now, I am working for myself and just starting two businesses that I am really excited about. I work a lot more than I used to – and I am far more fulfilled in a way that I wasn’t before. On a Saturday, I would rather spend 2 hours exercising and 5 hours working (or resting or playing) than 7 hours on the bike.

I’m not sure what will happen with triathlon, but am letting it be this season. St. George is postponed due to the Coronavirus, which means I have an option to switch to a 2021 race, and I plan on doing that.

As for this blog, I will keep writing as I have been (ie often not tri related). You may see some branding change but I am not precisely sure yet what changes I will be making.

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