Resources and upcoming (online) events.

Hijacking my blog to share a few things I have read lately that I think are worth sharing, some tools I am using and resources I love – which I have shared before, but now is a different time, as well as a couple of events coming up soon.

Note that #5 is a webinar happening on Friday, March 27th!

  1. A lovely post from Chip Conley with some thoughts about the opportunity to turn to inward journeys right now. as well as some resources to assist.
  2. Along those lines, if you are interested in learning to meditate form a wonderful, calming, inspiring human being (even if you don’t want to start meditating – she speaks in particular to type A personalities who don’t want to let go of their stress. I’m referring to Emily Fletcher. Check her out here; there are lots of free resources and paid online options.
  3. For a story that will get you thinking in an interesting way about this virus, here is an odd but thought-provoking post from Tim Urban at Wait But Why.
  4. Here is where I am turning for exercise – strength and mobility, along with running, lots of walking, and indoor cycling. I had been doing their workouts but not consistently; I am enjoying keeping it consistent.
  5. My estate planning mentor, Ali Katz—lawyer, mom, and author of the best-selling book on legal planning for families—is hosting a call on Friday, March 27 at 12pm Alaska Time | 2pm MT | 4pm ET that you might want to attend. It’s free, and will train you on how to develop your legal game plan so that everything is in place for yourself and the people you love in the wake of COVID-19. She’ll also cover how to talk to your family, even if they are resistant or grumpy about talking about end-of-life matters. And, she’ll guide you in creating an inventory of what matters to you most so nothing important is lost… no matter what. So excited to share this with you in this tough time. No matter what your situation is, Ali will put you at ease. She will teach you what to worry about, what not to worry about, and how to take action that you want to take. She’s really great! Don’t let fear stop you from taking action. Let me know if you have questions. Here is the link to register.
  6. Finally, I am excited to share information about a summit taking place on March 30th! Come hear speakers (including yours truly) share tips to find confidence and joy in each day and to do what you love and feel successful! Register here. You will receive emails from Miki (the host) when you sign up, but it is good content.

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