Reacting vs. Taking Control.

Something isn’t right. Oh, could it be the world changing around me?

Yes, that too, but what have I given up? What have I let slide? What excuses am I making for myself?

For one, I am letting ‘the outside’ control me and particularly my schedule. I am reacting not controlling. I once blocked out my calendar each week so that I knew what to focus on when. It relaxed me, focused me, and put me in control, driving the train.

In the last week (at least?) I have let a nervous energy take hold. I move from one deadline to the next, fitting a couple of things in the cracks. Whatever I get to, unplanned.

I will turn back to the calendar. To the schedule. Also, to a pattern. Setting aside time to make sure I’m giving some energy and attention to the areas I want to be focused on each week, or at least each month.

As we settle in for a period of time, we don’t know how long, but it is likely to be awhile, are you ready to create a schedule? Do you have one already that you want to share? Or one part of your system that works well for you? Maybe we can take control if things are starting to calm into a new normal around us. Maybe it’s time to stop merely reacting.

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