Facing mortality.

I thought that I was fairly in tune with my mortality. I feel relatively comfortable with the fact I will die someday, and if I think about dying tomorrow I have very few regrets. I feel like I’ve lived a life with a great balance if living in the moment and planning for the future.

None the less, I think that the coronavirus will continue to shape the way that I live on a regular basis with a heightened sense of mortality. This may sound like a petty example, but I have noticed myself putting more clothes in the trash or the giveaway pile. I have held onto clothes because they still have some utility, but in reality I just don’t like them. They are uncomfortable or don’t fit well and my new metric says that my life is too short to bother with them.

Are other people experiencing something similar? Is this small change the indication of something that will be bigger? Will people start changing the big picture of their lives? Instead of the delayed life plan of working tirelessly until you can retire and then traveling be something of the past? Will people take more mini-retirements? Or start more side hustles or art projects that bring more joy than their jobs? Or settle less for jobs they don’t like? Will they take the trip that they’ve been putting off?

What changes are you making? What changes will you make when you can move around again?

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