To numb or to grow?

How can we make the most of the time we have right now?

Things are different. I don’t know what your different looks like now, but I know it is different. And I don’t know what you are facing in your own life. Your concerns may be health, finances, relationships, or all of the above.

But we have a choice in the months that follow. Assuming we make it out the end, how do we want to look back on this period in our lives?

We could decide to stay in waiting, to get through and just let it pass. We could numb with the comforts of tv, or alcohol, or too many hours on Facebook.

Or, we could make decisions to cease opportunity. To grow as a human being.

If you choose growth, if you want to look back on this period as one where you made growth decision instead of hid, your first step could be to get clear on your goals. What would you like your life to be like in 10 years from now? Write about it, imagine it, live it in your mind.

Then figure out what the steps are to get there. Then ask what the steps would look like if you hit your target in 5 years instead of 10.

Then start breaking down the steps. What is the next step for you? Are the first steps impossible in light of hunker down orders? Then what can you do now?

I have long term goals, but I am off to journal about how I can condense them down and make them happen quicker!

(And for a very different take with a similar idea, read this blog post about creating a Fuck It list).

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