Do you need accountability from somewhere outside of yourself?

Some people who thrive in an office environment with regular accountability are struggling right now if they’re working from home.

If you fall into this category it could help to consider the four types of people as described by Gretchen Rubin. The most common category is distinguished by people that need outee accountability to get things done. These are the people that can keep promises easily when made to other people but have trouble following through on goals they set for themselves.

She recommends that people in this category find ways to create outer accountability to achieve their inner objectives.

Perhaps that is usually found at the office but lacking right now. This could be frustrating for you, and it could feel like a hole that is left. It could feel like you lack a sense of purpose that you got from the office environment before.

Some of that simply cannot be obtained. If you miss the conversations with the office mates- that cannot be truly recreated if you work from home.

But you may be able to get some of it back.

What if you arranged with a work friend to talk every evening and exchange what you got done and set your goals for the next day? That would have to be someone on equal footing with you and not a superior or someone you supervise. But perhaps you could create an accountability partner.

Or maybe it is someone outside of your work who is going through the same situation?

If words are not enough, you could create a bet. Or maybe it is an arrangement with someone in your family?

There are lots of ways to get creative based on what your own objectives are and where you struggle. But perhaps it will help you if you reframe and start to think of ways to be accountable to someone else to meet your own goals?

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