Having faith that it will work.

Have you ever tried something for the first time and immediately called in help when it didn’t work?

This happens all the time to me, but here is a recent example to explain what I mean.

I use a software program to create documents. I download the documents and there is a place at the beginning that says “double click to create table of contents”. The first time I tried it, it didn’t work. Nothing appeared. I quickly got on the phone with the company to ask what was wrong.

Nothing was wrong. I just wasn’t complying with the simple instructions correctly.

I didn’t have faith initially that it would work. I immediately thought something was wrong instead of trying again.

Now that I have done it many times and know that it works, if it doesn’t work immediately, I keep clicking around until it does.

I now have faith that I can solve the problem. Because I have faith in the system.

What if we had faith in things working the first time around? What if we have faith that we can solve the problem before us? Not just that we can, but that we will?

What if we believe in our ability to do it?

Just think what we could do…

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