An anniversary of growth

I recently passed my one-year anniversary of not having any job at all. This followed a couple of turbulent years: first deciding to quit my well-paying state job (a couple year process alone), then moving from the state job to a 20-hour per week legal job (and of course half the pay and no benefits), then moving to a full-time non-legal job (still no benefits and the same pay as the part-time legal job). During this time I was starting a business on the side and also exploring what I wanted to do next.

Finally, one year ago, I hit the point of being ready to cut all ties to a steady paycheck and to build something for myself.

I do not know how to express how happy I am to have made this transition. It is a journey that I hope will last a lifetime, but I am happy to be on this path.

Thanks for sharing it with me by reading this blog. It is an integral part of my transformation in terms of how I think about time, money, effort, getting better at something, practice, and more.

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