My body’s message.

We have lived with the Coronavirus for over a quarter of a year now.

That’s over a quarter of a year since entering an even more secluded life than is my normal.

As I reflect on what now seems normal, I realize that some of the small changes made in the stress of the beginning are now taking their toll. Sleeping in 30 extra minutes has turned to closer to an hour. A single purchase of crackers has turned into them becoming a staple. Ice cream and cheese are far more frequent.

What started as small indulgences providing pleasure in the midst of chaos, now leave me feeling icky and inflamed. My body is telling me that it’s time to remember to treat it well. No reason to be mad for overdoing it, instead I will thank my body for reminding me that eating poorly for too long doesn’t lead to putting my best self forward, and I feel much better when I avoid the inflammatory foods.

As you reflect on the changes you have made, what do you want to keep and which are you ready to let go of?

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