Advance Healthcare Directives.

I recently conducted a workshop to assist others in creating documents to name who they choose to make healthcare and financial decisions for them if they are unable to make them for themselves. The idea was to fill out a worksheet during the workshop, turn it in immediately, and I would create the documents for them to sign.

Days later, no one has turned in their worksheets.

I didn’t do my job.

What happened? I think that I made things overly complicated. We do not want to think about death, and I got into the nitty gritty – what do you want to happen? And then probably didn’t explain it well thereafter.

When I work with clients in my more ‘typical’ process for a full estate plan, I don’t go into as much detail. I also require that they make a decision right there. They can change later, but I want a decision in that moment.

I also find these things easy to talk about, and I think I forgot how difficult it can be for others. Good reminder.

If you also are thinking about these decisions, or maybe don’t want to but know you should, I encourage you to read this blog post, and if nothing else, read this opinion piece referenced in the post.

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