What you do today may not be needed tomorrow, but if it’s needed now, that’s okay.

It can be inspiring and also disconcerting to witness our youth in action. They often ask for things that we were brainwashed into believing was ‘too much to ask for.’ Trigger warnings? Non-ableist language? Inclusive events? As the newer generation casts us aside it is very easy to find yourself feeling old and…wrong. What happens when the youth roll their eyes at principles we’ve spent our lives fighting for, when they’ve decided that they are not only outdated, but oppressive?

And this is important to remember, for all of us. No matter what our intentions, everything we say and do in the pursuit of justice will one day be outdated, ineffective, and yes, probably wrong. That is the way progress works. What we do now is important and helpful so long as what we do now is what is needed now. But the arguments I was having in college are not the arguments the world needs now as I prepare to send my son to college. And if I refuse to acknowledge and adjust to that, all I’m doing is making things harder for a generation that would really like to move things forward.

~ Ijeoma Oluo, in So You Want to Talk About Race

Will let these words speak for themselves. I just can’t get over the truth and beauty and honesty in this passage and thought it was worth sharing.

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