Are your dreams more vivid?

[I haven’t stopped with trip stories, but thought I would take a break for the day.]

During Covid there have been reports of people having more vivid dreams. I figured it had something to do with the broad-scale stress people were experiencing.

However, it may have more to do with our sleep patterns. Without time spent commuting and getting kids ready for school, many people started to get more sleep (some reports suggest 20% more sleep across the united states!), and that sleep has been more restful because people are modifying sleep times to fit more closely with their natural sleep schedules.

The restful sleep at the ‘right’ hours for our bodies, has led to more time in the state that allows more dreaming.

Have you noticed a difference? What can we learn from this aspect of the global pause? How might we apply this going forward?

[For more information, listen to this podcast with sleep expert Matthew Walker].

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