Do your daily activities spark joy?

Marie Kondo has introduced us to the idea of deciding whether to hold onto our personal possessions by asking if the items bring us joy.

But what if we applied that same tactic to our most valuable resource, our time.

What do you spend time on that truly sparks joy? Do you have enough of those activities in your life?

I am reminded of the three types of fun. There are activities that do not bring joy in the moment, but bring deferred satisfaction – such as exercising and eating well for many people. There are activities that may seem fun in the moment, but that you regret later – such as staying out with friends too long to detract from what’s next or drinking too much at a party and having fun in the moment but regretting it the next day. And there are activities that bring joy in the moment and joy upon reflection, but do not provide quite the same type of story as you get with the fun that isn’t so fun in the moment but is later.

I suspect a life sparking joy in each moment would not have sustaining meaning. And yet, we need some joy.

Are you getting enough?

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