Thoughts on time management.

The efficiency with which we schedule our time can vary greatly depending on the task at hand.

How often do you evaluate how you work? Do you try different methods to manage your time? That might be tasks at different times in the day, or only scheduling meetings on certain days? Perhaps you are able to schedule weeks without meetings? Or maybe you work better with meetings only in the afternoons? Do you workout better at morning or mid-day?

Our time is finite, but we have an opportunity to use it wisely. What’s wise for you is different than what’s wise for me. And what’s wise for me today is much different than what was wise for me 3 months ago.

Stress may tie into time management as well. Some tasks are more stressful. How do you manage stress to sustain for the long haul?

It isn’t always easy, but getting it right (or righter) may be worth the time it takes to figure out.

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