Leaving money on the table.

Life is complicated!

Employees used to have pensions. They didn’t have to think too much about retirement because their employer (that they worked for their entire career) would pay them well until they died.

Some employers still do, but many do not, and the nature of worked has changed. We need to start planning. And may need to be affirmatively taking advantage of programs offered by our employers.

The State of Alaska has optional programs that employees may need to seek out and sign up for.

Many employers also offer discounted legal benefits, or will even pay for legal services. I know first hand that many employees do not even know they have this benefit, and others figure that it is too complicated to use, so they don’t.

What money are you leaving on the table? How can you make time to take advantage of opportunities and to get financially organized?

Some hours now can pay off years down the road.

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