The right to love your day to day.

Over the last many weeks, I have been a bit of a stress ball. I am SO BUSY and still working to get my systems in place. I am growing a business and there are some growing pains.

But do you know what?

Every. Damn. Day. I am giddy. I think to myself how happy I am that I get to do work I love.

Sure, there are more stressful moments. I do things I don’t want to do. I learn how to navigate unhappy customers or mistakes made. It isn’t easy, but I love it.

And I feel strongly that we should all get to do something we love to do. For some that’s a job. For some it’s even a job they don’t love so that they can fuel their passions when the work day is over.

But for others of us, there is this little secret called working for yourself. And it’s amazing for those of us with that mindset.

It’s also scary, uncertain, and there is a lot to learn.

I am excited to start coaching and helping businesses with the legal aspects. But today, I want to share a document created by my mentor, Ali Katz. Download it here. Later this week, she will also be conducting masterclasses on business foundations, and ultimately she is launching a program she created (which I have gotten to watch already and I think it is amazing). I’m pretty sure you will find out about all of that if you download the blueprint. And if not and you are interested, let me know!

Again, download that document here.

I don’t think you will regret it. I do think you will get emails afterward, but I also know you will be able to opt out.

Cheers to creating a business and life you love…if that’s what makes you love life.

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