Money is a concept that we have made up. Fortunately it has stayed stable in places where I live so that we can continue to exchange it for goods and services that we need and want to live on.

It is funny if you step back and think of the value of things to us.

I’m in the process of selling off items that we acquired with a house we bought. The things have no value to us. We didn’t buy them (I mean I guess we did, but not individually). We didn’t live with them. Now I have to get rid of them quickly which affects what I’m doing to get rid of them. I’m interested in a bit of money, but not bargaining for the highest bid. Mostly I want them gone.

Someone came to get speakers and I told him there were some records hidden under the bed. He also found an old turn table. Someone else was there and informed me that we could have sold them for a LOT of money. Instead, I was happy to get rid of them to a good home. But it’s funny to think how something of no value to me has deep meaning to someone else. I think this person was probably ecstatic to have them! And I sensed that he would enjoy them himself. I hope he will, rather than sell to make money though I guess that is okay too. No longer my problem.

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