A lasting impression.

Eight years ago, I worked with a telephone and internet provider with horrible customer service. When I moved and had the option of a different provider, I of course used a different provider!

For the last few months, our internet with that current provider has been unsatisfactorily spotty. We didn’t consider switching providers knowing how horrible the other company’s customer service is.

Recently I have been searching for internet for my office. I signed up with the same provider we currently use at home. Then I called with a question. 45 minutes later I spoke with someone who explained that it was good I called because the online sign-ups often do not get routed appropriately, or people think they booked installation but did not. Oh, and it was going to take 9 days to install.

The next day, I decided to look at that horrible no good company again. I discovered first that I could chat with someone online. It took them awhile to get to me, but at least I could do other things (this is that online chat where you type responses). I then discovered that they could offer service $15 cheaper per month, plus one month off.

To make an already long story shorter…I ended up going with the horrible no good company. I worked with the chat person to set up my account, then went to the store to pick up the equipment. In-store, someone greeted me and asked if we had travelled in two weeks, then let me inside. Within less than 10 minutes I had finished the enrollment and was walking out with the equipment to set it up myself.

Whether the good customer service continues with the previously-horrible company remains to be seen. But so far, they are far better than the previously-better company.

I am surprised that I gave them another shot. Had the other company kept up service, there is no way that I would have returned.

It’s a good reminder of how service affects others and negative impressions are difficult to overcome.

If we provide a service, how can we ensure that the experience for our customers remains a good one?

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