Getting out of our own way.

I am listening to The Big Leap for the umpteenth time. The main premise of the book is that we all have an upper limit in different areas of our lives. When we start approaching it, we do something to bring us down to our realm of comfort.

I highly recommend it. Each time I read or listen to it, I gain new insight.

Here is one concept to mull over.

Is your worrying serving to help keep you in your comfort zone? Do you cause yourself unnecessary stress by worrying too much?

One test is to recognize when you are worrying, and then determine whether there is action you can take. Worried you left the stove on? You can do something about it, and you probably should. Worried that you are going to have trouble in a meeting tomorrow? Well – if you turn that into action, maybe it’s okay, but if you are just going to mull it over until the meeting is over, you are probably causing more harm than good.

And if you just worry all the time, even if you convince yourself they are things you can/will do something about, it still might be a crutch. Can you stop worrying for a week?

That’s much easier said than done. I do not think I have mastered a level of thought control to manage that, but it’s an interesting thought exercise towards getting out of our own way!

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