Passion marries strength.

We have passions.

We have strengths, or things we are particularly good at. Some of it learned, some of this is innate. (I’m starting to believe that the innate part is what’s most important to tap into).

Some of our passions we might be really bad at but love anyway. (Me and triathlon for example).

And we may be good at some things that we really don’t care about. (At least on a relative level, I was a really good employee. I got a lot done efficiently. But I was miserable doing so).

Exploring what our passions and strengths our is one of our biggest gifts as humans. What’s more exciting than discovering something new that we love to do? And when that happens to coincide with a strength that we didn’t recognize? Wow!!

And it is a process, to explore and discover, throughout our lives… Where do strength and passion intersect for you?

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