Course correct.

I realized that I have been spending considerable mental energy mulling comments made to me over in my head. The comments were in effect “you need to work harder” and I continually respond in my head, providing self-justification for the way I work.

He was in a position to give me advice, and was basing his comments on a comment I made that I was hesitant to take something else on. The thing is, this person knows nothing about how much work I do, how I work, what my goals are, what I have going on in life, etc.

In other words, my mental energy is wasted.

Who we listen to is important. Getting advice from others can be great, but only the right people with the right information. To do otherwise will keep us in the middle of a whirlpool of differing information. It will set us on a path that is not ours, and that path is unlikely to lead anywhere great.

Are you swirling around ‘guidance’ that is not serving you? Is it time to let it go and reset the course you choose?

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