Do we want a journey toward better?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I spend my time, and what ruts I am in with my time and happiness, joy and relaxation.

What do I do for true fun? What symbolizes relaxation for me and is that something I want to switch (ie, food, alcohol, and tv are often go-to’s for ‘celebration’ but why, and do I want to search for something else)? I think that I am tied up in habitual symbols and rituals that are disconnected from what truly brings a sense of joy.

I don’t yet know how to change that, but this recent post from Seth Godin really speaks to me and provides a perspective on thinking collectively about what we value and how we spend our time.

And if you don’t read the whole post, here’s the end:

I’m not sure there’s an intrinsic reason that watching a particular movie is more satisfying than solving an endemic problem. We’ve simply evolved our culture to be focused on the business of amusement instead of the journey toward better.

~ Seth Godin

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