Awhile back, I wrote about the joy of setbacks so that we can build back to where we were.

I like set backs (sometimes) because I can go back to building within my comfort zone, rather than to achieving something that I have never achieved before – moving outside my comfort level.

The confession: I realize that’s a bunch of B.S. It’s wanting to stay at my current level rather than pushing to new heights. It’s an upper limit problem.

With my new Peloton, I am training within certain power zones. This means that I took a 20 minute test, riding as hard as I could, and then my ‘zones’ were estimated. These are output zones based on cadence and the resistance on the pedal as a gauge of how hard I’m working.

Despite all the training I have done for triathlon, and despite my attempts at heart rate training, I have never actually trained using anything other than feel. And even then, I pretty much just trained at low intensity. That’s what I liked about long distance.

Now I have an actual measure. And I am working harder than I ever have.

I have so far tested twice, increasing in the second test, meaning that now I have to work harder doing the same workouts (actually, theoretically I am working the same amount of hard but producing more output).

And I am terrified!

I’m terrified that my zones are going to keep increasing and keep making me work harder (despite the logic that actually my fitness will just be improving).

I’m terrified, therefore, of getting better. Fitter. Maybe fitter and stronger than I have ever been.

Truth: I will welcome the next set back, to put me back into territory that I know I can handle.

Doing ‘better’. Improving. Is terrifying.

And it’s not just my Peloton where this feeling creeps into my life….

Where is your upper limit problem? Are you ready to push higher and higher?

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