Our conditioning.

We all see through a different lens.

Do you know the image with both a young woman and an older woman within the same image? Depending on where you focus, you can see both, but most people initially only see one.

I recently heard about an experiment where half the room was shown a picture of a young woman, and half a picture of an older woman. Then everyone was shown this image with both. The majority of people saw the age that they had just been conditioned to see.

In our personal lives, we know that we don’t get along with everyone, but no one is saying “no, you’re not for me”. (Okay, maybe sometimes in the dating scene). But in business, you probably are, or should be, asking for feedback. It’s worth remembering that the feedback comes from a certain lens, and then we get to decide what’s important to change, and which lenses you don’t want to change to accommodate. No easy feat, but it starts with being open and remembering that we should always be on a path to improvement.

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