And then what.

I’m really good at starting a conversation with a stranger. Even with someone I am frightened to talk to because I feel like they’re way above me in status.

But then it falls flat. After an initial hello, what next? Why am I here? Why is this person talking to me, or why would they want to keep talking to me?

I’m currently exploring my relationship with adrenaline. And it just occurred to me that I like the initial reach out because of the adrenaline rush + and for the most part, what do I have to lose?

Then, when it comes to the what’s next, I don’t yet have the skills to gracefully carry on the conversation. Perhaps that is why I have been putting off my podcast. I have always been a better writer than speaker. The irony is that we only get better at things with practice.

So now… to get through and start figuring out what’s next in a conversation with grace and recognition that the self doubt does not help the situation.

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