Keeping yourself in line.

When you own your own business you get to set your own priorities. This is one of my favorite parts, and yet it also creates challenges. When your boss tells you to do something, you have little choice if you want to keep your job. But when you are in charge, while there will be consequences at some point, they are often less immediate and clear. Especially when it comes to something that does not directly affect another person such as a client.

It is perhaps a good parallel to other areas of life. Some people do great with the structure at work, or structure provided through work such as getting there at a certain hour, but might have trouble structuring in their own lives. Perhaps they struggle to fit in the exercise they want to or create time to eat well.

Weather in life for in business, finding the way that works for us to keep ourselves in line is a key to success. But each of us will do it differently and we just have to keep trying things to find what works the best, and recognizing that it will be a lifelong process.

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