Are you ready?

“I have this great idea for a business, but I never took any business classes. So I’m going to go back to school before I start.”

Because we go to school to learn, and then implement in the real life.

That of course is what we are taught during all our years of schooling. But you are not going to learn what you need to know for your business in school.

Don’t get me wrong, I think formal education is great for a whole lot of things. But the learning to do something like starting a business is something you have to do by trying and correcting and trying and correcting.

Maybe that next class will be helpful, or maybe it is the excuse you are telling yourself to delay getting started.

Consider getting started. And while you do, read good books to help you learn about certain areas, talk to people that have done it before and learn from them, and don’t be afraid to try something. It just might work.

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