When something is off.

“Okay team, we are falling behind on our calls. Therefore, we are never going to return a call or email for at least 48 hours after someone contacts us so that we can finish up our other work.”

Likely (hopefully?) you are thinking that this statement doesn’t make any sense, and to the extent you know what I’m conveying, it is a horrendous idea!

But would you speak up if your boss said something so outlandish?

Making mistakes is terrifying. And yet, they happen! And if we do not have a safe space to acknowledge mistakes and for everyone to be able to point out if something sounds or looks off, then those mistakes are only going to get bigger and bigger.

And yet, how do we foster that safe space beyond acknowledging the fact that everyone can get something wrong? No answer, but a day to day example is probably a good place to start.

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