Trusting tech.

This directions app is taking us on some very odd routes. Look, there is a faster road right next to us. We must be avoiding an accident or traffic or something.

How often do you put faith into our new technology without considering the bigger picture? It is so helpful…and yet, it is only as helpful as the information programmed. Is it possible that it is leading you astray?

We recently drove around following my app on some very odd roads. Only after my husband just happened to look at directions on his phone did I question the app. My phone said 2.5 hours, his said under 1.5 hours! What could be going on?

Turns out, mine was set to avoid highways.

How much longer had we spent on the ‘scenic’ routes earlier in the day (they were actually longer and rather unattractive), simply because I didn’t think to question the advice of the trusted piece of tech?

Are there areas that your devices lead you astray? Of course directions are more obvious…but there are other less obvious ways that you may be following directions on a route that isn’t actually the best route for you in the moment.

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