As I get ready to put on a triathlon, I am not racing this one, I was thinking about something called sighting.

Some of the athletes will be doing this for the first time, and many of those will never have swum in the lake where we are racing. They will swim from one spot to the next and probably stop to look up to see where they are going, possibly going off the most direct route many times.

More seasoned racers will have learned the technique of sighting- looking ahead while keeping forward momentum, and doing it regularly so that you stay on track. It can be a very slight movement, and over time you learn what you were looking for and how to do it as quickly as possible and as part of your regular stroke.

This is a great metaphor for getting through life.

How can we learn to keep a sight on the path we are headed while doing the work to get there as quickly as possible? How do we hold the big picture in between sticking our head down and getting the work done?

Just like triathlon, it can get easier with practice.

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