Playing to fear.

I deal in the world of contingencies. What if one spouse dies, the surviving spouse remarries, and then all of the family assets go to the new spouse because the surviving spouse of the family dies before the new spouse thereby leaving out your children?

What if you’re both in an accident leaving minor children with a babysitter who then calls the police when you don’t come home and your children end up in foster care for two weeks I think it’s sorted out?

It is not fun to think about and it is no way to live to always think about the negative. So where is the line between scare tactics and appropriate education to plan for the future?

How do you plan for the negative while also planning for the positive? Acknowledge what could happen, will recognizing that it is unlikely but entirely possible?

You must be realistic in our own lives to not be over scared.

And if you provide goods or services for negative contingencies, we can choose to share real possibilities but to not get overdramatic about it.

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