Your voice.

Saw this posted and it brought tears to my eyes.


Because I know I wouldn’t speak up.

Embarrassing but true.

Would you?

(And who knows if this is true, but it doesn’t have to be to tell a story).

On the first day of class, the law school teacher entered.

First thing he did was ask for the name of a front row student: What’s your name?- My name is Nelson.

Get out of my class and never come back! Did he order her.

Nelson was confused. The teacher was heading his way, he got up quickly, gathered his stuff and left the classroom.

Everyone was scared and outraged but nobody was talking. Very good! Let’s get started. What are laws for? asked the teacher.

Students were still scared, but slowly they started answering the question. To have an order in our society.- No! No! No! No!- For people who are wrong to pay for their actions.- No! No! No! No!

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

For justice to be done, a young girl spoke shyly.- Finally! Justice!

What is justice?!!Everyone was starting to get mad at the teacher’s attitude. However, they kept answering.- To protect the rights of the people…- Okay, okay. What’s up again?- To differentiate between right and wrong, to reward those who do right…Okay… so answer this question, did I act right when I kicked Nelson out of class?

Everyone was quiet, no one answered. I want a unanimous answer! NO! They answered in one voice.-= Could we say I did an injustice?

Yes! Yes!- And why didn’t anyone do anything about it?

Why do we want laws and rules if we don’t have the will to practice them? Each of you have an obligation to speak when you witness an injustice. All of them! All of them! Never shut up again!

Go get Nelson. After all, he is the teacher, I am from another period. You know, when we don’t defend our rights, dignity is lost, and dignity cannot be negotiated. ′′

~ Doris Carrier

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