Comfort zone.

Occasionally I meet with people who seem to really want the results of the services I offer, but regardless of that feeling they face a barrier to being ready to pay for this services and results.

I get it, because I am very cheap. This is definitely changing as I grow, but I think pretty hard before spending money on almost anything (or at least did at some point in time).

I used to buy the cheapest clothes, and would not have considered paying the prices at Lululemon.

Why do that when I can get the same thing at a third of the cost, I thought?

And then one year an airline lost my luggage. I didn’t get it for about 24 hours and they promised to cover emergency clothes.

I had to go for a morning run.

And my shopping options were limited. So I went to Lululemon and got completely outfitted in running gear.

Now, two or three years later, the clothes that I bought there are almost as good as new and I wear them all the time. Literally, I think I wore my leggings almost every single day during the pandemic. I love everything about the clothes and now don’t hesitate to shop there.

We all skimp in some areas. Whether it’s time, or money, or spending energy on certain things. But when there’s a mistake and you end up spending your time, energy, or attention, on something a little different, it might just open your eyes to new possibilities. When you realize that, you might consider not waiting for the mistake and every once in awhile going a little out of your comfort zone if you want the result, or service, or to see yourself as a different person.

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