I am…

One helpful way to change your habits is to associate with the identity.

I am a person who gets up early.

I am a person who eats vegetables throughout the day.

I am a person who lives in active life.

I am a person who takes pride in my work.

Whatever it is… If you decide that that is the identity you want to seek, it can make it easier to follow through on the habit.

It’s the opposite of seeing your faults as confirmations that you are bad in some way.

Such as, this person is frustrated with me, demonstrating that I cannot explain the most basic of concepts.

But, you’re new, helpful, and desirable identity still gets to be malleable.

You can be a person who lives an active life, and still take days off.

You can be a person who gets up early, but occasionally sleep till noon.

Oh or nothing identities are hard to stick with, and if you think about it, who do you really want to be around that is always the all or nothing? Who we are most of the time is more important than smaller trends.

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