Do the math.

Sometimes little things turn really big.

An area in life where you are not on the same page as your spouse might not be a big deal this year, or next. But what about when it compounds over the next decade?

Making your 10 minute commute just a little more enjoyable of a ride, doesn’t seem like a big deal today, tomorrow, or even in the next year. But how many hours is it going to be over the next decade? What will a small investment in time or money really mean for you on the long term?

A subtle shift in how you communicate with yourself, may seem like nothing, because on the outside you look exactly the same. But what will that mean for you over time if you start to interacting with yourself, and then people, and the world, in a different way?

It is easy to stick with the status quo. It is easy and really not that bad. But what is the real cost of status quo?

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