What would it look like for you to take radical responsibility of the life you are leading?

This can play into every area of your life and in every relationship. Though, today, I’m thinking about how to take responsibility for your learning.

Don’t have a really good grasp on money, investing, your spending – etc? Maybe you rely on a partner to manage the finances or maybe you just bury your head in the sand. Maybe the concept is daunting to you. But why not take some time to read a couple of books and start taking responsibility for your own understanding.

Rely on an accountant for your taxes? Awesome. But what if you also took some time to gain literacy in what can and cannot be deducted?

It is daunting to think about all the adulting aspects of life that I do not understand, or do not have a good grasp on. There are many areas I have no interest in learning about. But, I think embracing a beginners mind and starting to gain some elementary knowledge, one step at a time, is really A+ adulting. It is taking responsibility for your life, stepping up to the plate, and ultimately allowing you to live your best life.

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