A change to this blog.

I am watching someone struggle over the decision to quit something that from an outsider perspective they obviously should quit.

But I get it.

Quitting is hard.

Many of us are trained to think that quitting is failing. Quitting is giving up. Quitting means we are bad.

I spent over two years deciding to quit my job. I agonized over decisions to quit ski patrol and then ski instructing. These all were closely tied to how I identified as a person. They were more closely connected to my worth than I want to admit.

Yet, after actually quitting them, life got so much better. I do not regret it one bit.

I also quit hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. In one hour I decided to turn back and end my trip after just crossing the Oregon border. My 72 day trip came to a close, with Oregon and Washington waiting to be hiked. I had taken the semester off of school, planned for months – and in that moment of weakness it was done.

I have regretted that decision for years and still plan to go back and do the whole trail.

Quitting is hard, but sometimes it is the right decision.

As we age and know ourselves better, we also get better at making major decisions.

And, oftentimes, we can quit something without shutting that door in the future.

And so, it is with that, as I watch someone with their own struggle to quit and observe my own feelings towards their decision, that I am going to listen to my own advice.

I am going to stop blogging every day, but I will continue to write when I have something I want to say.

I fear that this will be the slide to never writing. I fear that I will stop thinking in ways I enjoy and in the ways I share here. I fear that I will feel I failed because I am giving up on a nearly 3 year streak of daily posting. I fear that in 3 more years I will look back and say I would have had 2200 posts instead of 1100 if I had just kept writing…

But how will I know if this is the right decision without trying it? What time and energy will be freed up without this being on my mind each and every day? And what will I create with that time and energy?

And so the experiment begins.

One thought on “A change to this blog.

  1. I think it is a wise decision that you are listening to your own inner wisdom. You will probably find yourself writing when you really want to write, and that is freeing, and most probably will translate into a more rewarding experience for you. Let your writing muse guide you and not the calendar! Best of luck!


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