Time Warp.

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when time seemed to slow down? We baked bread, did puzzles, and cleaned out our closets, as we adjusted to life at home.

But time actually kept moving on. I just pulled my passport out for our first international trip in two years. When I put it away last time, I had no concern about the expiration date. I had years, and I planned to get it out well before it needed renewal. Not being in tune with the time warp of the pandemic, I didn’t consider looking well before our travel.

Fortunately I have a few months left….but only a few months. Where did the time go?

What else has been in limbo? We have learned to move on, to live on, to adapt…but it might be worth acknowledging some of the changes these last couple of years if you, like myself, have focused on looking forward and not back. Not to dwell on what we missed, but rather to acknowledge what these last couple of years means to us, and to consciously decide how to move forward.

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